Salt Trek Route

Salt Trek Route

Salt Trek Route

The Term “salt trek route” is derived  from the purpose it served prior to the construction of the national highway from Trashigang to SamdrupJongkhar. The people of the Eastern Dzongkhags used to make voyages via this route to take salt and silk from the border town of SamdrupJongkhar.

Day 1
Guahati (India)-Samdrupjongkhar (Bhutan)

Arrive at Guahati International Airport, receive the visitors and drive to SamdrupJongkhar, the border town in Bhutan. It is a three hour drive. Visitors will have to halt for the night at SamdrupJongkhar which is approximately 250m above the sea level. SamdrupJongkhar is the main trading center for the population of the six eastern Dzongkhags and is famous for the traditional silk garments (Buray) produced there. These exquisitely made handicrafts are very popular amongst the Bhutanese and tourists alike. The SamdrupJongkhar annual Tsechu  is celebrated from the 11th to 13th day of the tenth month of the Bhutanese calendar year. The Tsechu is observed for three days with mask dances performed by the monks and lay men.

Day 2
SamdrupJongkhar to Nelang (750 mtrs)

On the  next day the visitors will have to drive two hours to reach Nelang, near Deothang from where the trek begins. The visitors can do a little bit of sightseeing in Samdrupjongkhar and explore the border town. They can also go across the  border to the Indian town of Mela Bazar and do some shopping. Like any other border town all essential food items and garments are readily available.

Day 3
Nelang to Radingphu (686M)

The actual trek starts from Nelang downhill for about 45minutes till we reach the Duririver formed as a result of three streams namely Phudungri, Manchuri, Morongri. Once we reach Duri, the trek follows the river on a straight stretch for about two hours and will halt at Duktsiri for lunch. One of the significant aspects of this stretch is trekkers have to criss-crossDuri seven times on  ….

Day 4
Rangdingphu (686M) to Mongling (2218M)

From the base camp at Rangdingphu, there is a steep 3 hour climb  to reach Dotak  where the visitors can halt for lunch.. Dotak is situated on the border between Pemagatsheland  Samdrupjongkhar.After lunch the trek follows a steep climb for another two hours

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