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Bhutan Norter Adventures is a tour and trekking company based in Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu. Literally, the name “Nor” mean “wealth” and “Ter” means “Hidden Treasure”. The idea is to provide our clientele the best that the Kingdom has to offer.

The company was established to provide a glimpse of this Himalayan Kingdom – known as the Land of Happiness – to the outsiders who are increasingly curious about its ancient cultural mores, traditions, spectacular environment and a lifestyle that balances spirituality with material progress.

Traditional Sports Tour

In Bhutan, if you hear unfettered high-pitched shrieks and laughter, then an archery match is underway. Come the festivals or national holidays or even the ordinary weekends, they come with bamboo bows and narrows, about a dozen archers in each […]

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Helicopter Tour

One can get faster to New York from Bhutan than from one end of the kingdom to the other. It is simply because the roads are long and meandering given the mountainous topography. So it takes days to reach Trashigang […]

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Horse Riding Tour

In mountainous Bhutan, horses have been the most coveted form of transport. Modern roads have been built but much of Bhutan can be seen and appreciated only on horseback. We arrange horse riding at three points in Bhutan: Paro or […]

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Five star Luxury Tour

Norter Adventures combines what Bhutan offers in terms of natural beauty, culture and pristine environment with the most luxurious amenities available in the country. We keep our guests in high-end hotels like Uma and Aman Resorts and five-star luxury hotels […]

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