Our Mission and Vision

About Our Services and Facilities

In our endeavour to serve our clients, we provide, apart from the usual fare, the following additional facilities and services:

  • Flexibility

Our guests are given the freedom to choose the size of their group, while also having the flexibility to determine the dates of their trips. Our clients can shorten or lengthen their trip at will. Our pricing similarly is highly competitive for all our tour packages – whether fixed or customized package. We believe that survival in this line of business depends on the final impression we create in our guests and the goodwill they take back home. Credibility is our credo.

  • Logistics

Besides the normal rung popular tour itinerary, we take pride in the fact that we provide, if and when necessary, international ticketing serves and hotel reservations. To stave off the constraint of flight availability to and from Bhutan, we regularly arrange charter flights and in times of emergency like accidents and sickness helicopter rescue operations. We also assist our guests in their onward travels or link tours to neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China and Thailand.

As Bhutan is a mountainous country with extremely difficult terrains, comfort during travel is a necessity. Keeping this in mind, Bhutan Norter operates a fleet of luxury vehicles – including buses and cars – all carrying the brand of the world-renowned automobile manufacturing companies, Toyota and Hyundai.

For high altitude trekking and wilderness excursions, we have, at our disposal, the state-of-the-art camping equipment and paraphernalia such as sleeping bags, tents, mattresses, lightweight tables and chairs, portable toilets, hot water bags, shower tents, and cooking and dining utensils. Our contacts with the local people enable us to arrange porterage – ponies and yaks – at a very short notice.

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