Royal Heritage Tour

For Bhutan, monarchy is synonymous with benign rulers. Its kings have shaped the destiny of the country for over a hundred years: kind, benevolent and caring, the kind that is extremely rare to see anywhere in the world. Through this tour, we trace the beginnings of the monarchy in the central valleys of Trongsa and Bumthang where nearly every trail and landmark bears the footprints of their glorious service to the people. Our visit will culminate at the “Tower of Trongsa”, an ancient watch tower that is now converted into a museum dedicated to the Bhutanese kings.

Suitability: First time travelers and royalists

Duration: 7-10 days

Best season for visit: winter


  • See the gigantic Trongsa Dzong, 17th century castle-monastery-fortress which is the bastion of medieval power. From this architectural masterpiece emerged the ancestors of the Bhutanese kings.
  • See exhibits at the Watch Tower of Trongsa which preserves the heritage of the kings.
  • Visit the palaces at Domkhar and Wangduecholing in Bumthang, and Kuenga Rabten, Thruepang and Einducholing in Trongsa all of which are replete with historical antecedents that shaped the future of Bhutan.
  • Witness the annual Trongsa festival (Tshechu) where, each year for five days, the valley comes alive with religious and cultural festivity.
  • Enroute to Trongsa and Bumthang, see the beautiful Paro valley, Taktshang monastery, the capital city in Thimphu, villages and hamlets along the way, and meet up with people from various ethnic backgrounds.

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