Bhutan Textile Tour

Bhutan’s artistic life is manifested through its art and craft. No where is this attribute better manifested than in the country’s weaving (textile) traditions. From the exquisitely woven Kishuthara which is a collector’s delight to garments made from yak hairs and sheep wools, weaving is an integral part of the social fabric. The art is not only widely appreciated for its finesse but is also a means of income for the country’s rural folks, especially women.

Suitability: Collectors & fashion aficionados

Duration: 15 days

Best season: Autumn & winter


  • Bhutan’s indigenous textile knowledge is highly appreciated around the world. The vibrant colors, making of dyes from leaves, the intricate patterns involved, and the type of looms used have helped keep this home-grown hand-weaving tradition alive despite the onslaught of fabric machine-made fabrics.
  • You get to sample various garments/cloths made from all parts of Bhutan, each of which is not only unique and different but has different techniques involved in the making.
  • The tour takes you to eight districts all over Bhutan and thus provides an excellent opportunity to see local culture and customs, and meet people from all walks of life and from various ethnic backgrounds. One also comes across mountains, valleys, villages, farmlands, prayer flags, monasteries, castles and numerous local festivals where the people congregate.
  • The landscape and flora and fauna along the route are spectacular. The journey weaves through primeval forests to hair-raising gorges, sparking streams and waterfalls, and, of course, innumerable wildlife including rare and endangered birds, butterflies and mammals, and beautiful alpine flowers that carpet the mountainsides.

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