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To travel to Bhutan is to bask in an atmosphere of perfect tranquility. The setting is spiritual, meditative and one of communion with nature, a getaway from the hustle and bustle of modern metropolis. Life is slow and the social fabric, as in family bonds and community-ship, is a cherished value. Travelers realize the moment they step into Bhutan that their sojourn here is curative and contemplative, where they can indulge, aided by the overall ambience, into an array of therapeutic solace such as yoga and meditation, hot stone or medicinal water bath, or immerse themselves in a natural hot spring. Better still, they can just get away for a night or two into a far-flung village or take a respite in a tented mountainside camp and rejuvenate themselves by absorbing the wondrous manifestations of nature.

Suitability: first time travelers; those seeking a peaceful break from their daily rigors

Season: year-long


  • Try traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath or take a dip in medicinal waters which have, for centuries, been part of Bhutanese therapeutic treatment and are proven for their curative effects.
  • Take a trip to a famous hot spring spot and immerse yourself in the balmy and soothing waters filled with mineral content that not only relaxes your body but is known to cure various ailments.
  • Visit a monastery or spiritual retreat centre and rejuvenate your body and mind with yoga or meditation.
  • Try indigenous traditional herbal medicines for which Bhutan, dubbed “the land of medicinal herbs” is known for.
  • Get to see all the other things that Bhutan is coveted for: culture, people, stunning nature, Buddhist way of life and much more.

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